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Identifying at-risk digital assets by mining the world's R&D

The most powerful weapon in chess is to have the next move.

David Ionovich Bronstein, (Chess Grandmaster 1950)

Taia Global Story

Taia Global, Inc. has provided cyber security consultations and threat briefings to multinational corporations as well as government agencies in the U.S. and allied nations since 2011. In November, 2014 Taia Global became a product company with the introduction of REDACT – the world’s first R&D search engine.

The History of Taia Global at a Glance

  • 2011

    Taia Global is born

    Taia Global, Inc. was formed in January 2011 as a cyber security consultancy that provided services to several multinational companies in R&D, aerospace, and telecommunications.

  • 2012

    Suits and Spooks Collision Events

    In addition to the company’s consulting services, Taia Global CEO Jeffrey Carr founded the Suits and Spooks security event.

  • 2014

    Taia Global launches Redact v1.0

    After raising an angel funding round with Blu Venture Investors in the Fall of 2014, Taia Global released an alpha version of its Redact R&D search engine for initial testing to several large aerospace companies.

Our Executive Team


Jeffrey Carr


Dr. Shlomo Argamon

Chief Scientist

Billy Rios

Chief Information Security Officer

Scott Van Buskirk

Chief Financial Officer



A Scientific and Technical Intelligence Search Engine

REDACT: Mining the World's R&D

Failure to properly appraise the extent of scientific developments in enemy countries may have more immediate and catastrophic consequences than failure in any other field of intelligence.

The Eberstadt Report (1948)

What is REDACT Search?

Taia Global’s REDACT R&D search engine is a completely novel approach to help large multinational companies protect their intellectual property from loss by malicious actors and rival entities.

In today’s digitally connected, global economy more and more companies have offices in multiple nations, use dozens if not hundreds of different vendors, have thousands of endpoints and several million files. It’s impossible to protect all of those files so how does a company’s Chief Information Security Officer identify which files are too valuable to lose?

Taia Global’s solution is to follow the (R&D) money, because if it’s worth developing – it’s worth stealing.



Taia Global linguists identify foreign government funded research in high value technologies including optoelectronics, networks and systems, aerospace software engineering, bio-nanotechnology, and much more. In fact, we add dozens of new research institutes and hundreds of new R&D projects every week. Users can drill down to the project level in most cases. That’s the kind of detail that’s needed for a company to determine if their product line or research specialty is at risk for being stolen by hackers or malicious insiders.


REDACT takes cyber security back to first principles:

  1. Determine what your adversary needs. The mercenary hacker group, foreign intelligence service, or corporate rival who’s targeting your valuable IP needs it or they wouldn’t risk their assets on it. For hacker groups, certain types of novel technology can bring a high price. For nation states and State-Owned Enterprises, it means the rapid acceleration of their technological base. In all cases, everything begins with high priority R&D. Taia Global linguists identify those projects and our data scientists make it searchable.
  2. Does your technology match that need? REDACT’s user interface makes answering that question as easy as using Google search.



Differentiation of Risk

REDACT enables a corporate security team to evaluate the risk of conducting business in any global location based upon the value of their IP against that country’s technological research priorities and funding.

Discover What’s Being Targeted

Many companies use Data Loss Prevention products. REDACT can add “adversary interest” to your DLP policy setting process.

Expand Your Competitive Intelligence

Compare your product’s technology and R&D to that of competing research institutions in Europe and Asia. Will you still be competitive in three to five years?

When weighing available mitigation options to defend against APT activity, organizations must begin by evaluating data criticality based upon risk. They should know what must be protected in their organization.

FBI Private Sector Advisory




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REDACT Use Case Video: China’s New Laser Weapon

The Taia Global team is committed to delivering verifiable and actionable intelligence on rival state R&D projects in certain high value sectors like Aerospace, Biotechnology, Energy, and Information Technology to name a few. This 5 minute video is the first of a series that will demonstrate how REDACT may be used by our customers. If this capability […]

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