Data Security Expert

Taia have over 30 years of cutting edge experience in Data Security . We are the ultimate resource for corporate data security and data management. Contact us for your data security requirements.

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Data Security Experts

Penetration Testing, Threat Hunting and Cyber Security Analysis

Our expert Penetration testers conduct comprehensive in-depth assessments on your computer systems, using the owner’s permission, revealing hidden secrets in the same manner just as real attackers would do, eg we simulate attacks by top talent hackers. We assist you to transform our technical findings into immediately actionable removal steps – planning to safeguard your requirements and network or platform security.

hacker security concepts

Our full depth penetration service involves active and detailed analysis  of the digital assets for any potential security vulnerabilities. That could be from incorrect or bad configuration, known and unknown software or hardware flaws or even weakness in a companies processes or technical countermeasures.

Our analysis is effectively performed as a simulated real cyber attack whereby we assume the position of a malicious hacker wanting to exploit your system. We then discuss our findings with you and work closely with your team (or use our expert team) to close these risk gates and eliminate any potential risk areas.  Our report will include a full impact assessment or issues identified, the work required to fix them or proposed mitigation or technical solutions to achieve the ‘complete security’ objective.

Digital Investigation Services

Our forensic computer experts are renown in their field and we can provide investigatory services for a wide range of areas. Our main areas of work are commercial and civil forensic computer examination and data recovery.

GDPR Experts

With the advent of GDPR, allegedly on May 25th 2018,  a large number of companies have yet to complete compliance, or even understand what GDPR actually is. Here at Taia global we have worked with a large number of companies to help ensure GDPR compliance along with maintaining data security.

GDPR compliance can actually expose a raft of new security issues related to data storage, as it now has to be dealt with differently compared to how it was in the past. Our GDPR compliance package involves a detailed look at how your companies digital assets are functioning, how and where data is stored and where you may have unknown compliance failures or issues with GDPR compliance. Whilst 25th May 2018 was the hard date to be GDPR compliant, in reality many companies will take months or years to become fully compliant with their business operations, such is the complexity (over complexity) of GDPR. We can absorb a lot of the headaches and implement a full plan, and technical roadmap to total compliance, making you safe from the large fines that GDPR breaches can and will bring to companies.

Cloud Computing Migration and Planning

Taia has extensive experience with ‘the cloud’. In fact some of our team have been involved in core developments of cloud services, and hence we have a very deep knowledge of current offerings, most suitable cloud solutions for your business, on a case by case basis.

We have planned, implemented and then maintained and security vetted cloud solutions for a wide range of medium to large corporations. We are the go to provider for many large companies in the UK because of our proven pedigree and strong talent base who work for us.

We can implement cloud solutions from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Business 365, MS Azure

Our cloud computing solutions include:

  • Hosted Desktop environments
  • IT Disaster Recovery
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Multiple Cloud Servers
  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Antivirus & Anti-malware network installs
  • Cloud Backup
  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security
  • Server Backup solutions including onsite and multi cloud backup options
  • Cloud migration strategies and planning
  • Cloud security assessment and organisational implementation
  • Cloud Storage & File Sharing
  • Hosted VoIP services
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Office 365 and
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Video Conferencing & Online Meetings

Our cloud services include:

  • Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 Migration
  • Microsoft Small Business Server to Hosted Desktop Migration
  • Amazon AWS – including elastic beanstalk for application hosting

Software services

Java development services to enterprise level