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I am Mr X. Why am I remaining anonymous you may ask, and that’s a good question. Various reasons primarily relating to the sensitive work I am involved in and have been involved in, secondly because I prefer not to be in the spotlight, and thirdly because the nature of some of the outsourced ethical hackers we work with on projects, makes me being the grey man on the internet, much better. Needless to say I have over 30 years high level computing experience, starting as a system administrator for a large international engineering group, then developing into developing software and systems, and growing into my specialty due to a long term interest in ethical hacking leading me to my calling; which turned out to be data security . I am our resident specialist on cloud computing and cloud migration project management, I am 42, like walking my dogs in the countryside, and of course, love computing. Look forward to working with you soon.

David Liebnick

A Computer science graduate highly skilled in the area of penetration testing and network security. David is an asset to any network intrusion and security program. Also highly experienced in the forensic digital work, Taia is at the forefront of the digital frontier.

Martin Rappaport

Martin has over 20 years of experience of computer coding experience including writing his own antivirus and firewall security in the earlier days of the internet. With a lot of big corporate network security hardening jobs under his belt, there is no network too big for taia global to take on!