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The top threats that most companies face with cloud computing

The growth of Cloud computing means it has become a solid part of many technology companies in modern times, due to it’s huge flexibility, accessibility and massive capacity when compared to more traditional computing or storage methodologies. However just like more traditional data usage and storage methods, cloud computing has it’s own security risks and issues.

Taia Global have many years of experience in the computing industry. Over 30 years to be precise for our founder and most of our top consultants all have massive amounts of data security and systems admin experience.

The issues we have highlighted here are the ones we see as the main ones currently facing many companies who are considering cloud computing, or ones who are already involved in the cloud.


Suitable analysis of potential security risks prior to and during (and post) cloud computing adoption.

This could include things like

  • What type of data or application is being used
  • The service level agreements of the provider to client
  • The providers security environment


Not having a full understanding of their cloud based services provider

This is a common problem, many executives and even IT departments do not really understand what the service they have signed up to offers, it’s strengths and weaknesses and where they fit in the cloud security sphere.

data security

Many companies do not realise they are already operating in the cloud to some degree and that they should already be protecting themselves

A prime example of this would be using Gsuite for email or Gdrive for storage, even if its employee personal storage, with these services comes new issues and preparations must be made.

Many companies have a lack of trust in cloud security

This is a throttle reducing valve to the efficiency of a company and also leaves that company at risk from data theft or worse, due to a lack of deep understanding of cloud computing technologies.

Many companies do not know how to protect their companies from data leaks or/and attacks of a malicious nature

This is a common problem and many companies have no clue how they can protect their company and infrastructure from an attack. This clearly leaves them at risk of being attacked.


Which cloud company should I trust?

A lack of understanding of cloud computing companies leaves a large number of companies confused as to who they should actually trust with their data. is X safer than Y? if so then why? Is Y cheaper than Z but as safe as E? Hmm, the choices go on..!

The lack of proper analysis on cloud application code for vulnerabilities.

This is a big issue. Very little analysis is undertaken on application code in this area, meaning that in reality, a lot of vulnerabilities are unknown except to the most cutting edge data security companies.

A big weakness. Cloud computing offers very weak data and access logging authentication and logging.

This makes it much harder to work out if a users credentials have been stolen and used or continue to be used for malicious purposes. Cloud computing is very much in it’s infancy, therefore you need a high level data security company experienced in cloud migration to help secure your data and your users.